Best mining rigs and mining PCs for Bitcoin, Ethereum and ...

Qty 2 - Sega NAOMI 2's linked together and racked with NETDIMMS in a bitcoin mining rig. Can be carried around and outputs HDMI for VS split screen gaming on a single Screen. Showing Initial D3 with OpenJVS & wireless Xbox360 steering's called the NAOMI Ark.

Qty 2 - Sega NAOMI 2's linked together and racked with NETDIMMS in a bitcoin mining rig. Can be carried around and outputs HDMI for VS split screen gaming on a single Screen. Showing Initial D3 with OpenJVS & wireless Xbox360 steering's called the NAOMI Ark. submitted by gewalx to cade [link] [comments]

Open Air Mining Rig Frame Case Rack For 6 GPU 3 Fan ETH Bitcoin BTC Crypto Coin

Open Air Mining Rig Frame Case Rack For 6 GPU 3 Fan ETH Bitcoin BTC Crypto Coin submitted by Rufflenator to 3bitcoins [link] [comments]

6/eight GPU Mining Rig Stackable Case Rack 6 Fans Open Air Frame ETH ZEC Bitcoin

6/eight GPU Mining Rig Stackable Case Rack 6 Fans Open Air Frame ETH ZEC Bitcoin submitted by Rufflenator to 3bitcoins [link] [comments]

Open Air Mining Rig Frame Case Rack For 6 GPU 3 Fan ETH Bitcoin BTC Crypto Coin

Open Air Mining Rig Frame Case Rack For 6 GPU 3 Fan ETH Bitcoin BTC Crypto Coin submitted by ososru to Bitcoin4free [link] [comments]

6/eight GPU Mining Rig Stackable Case Rack 6 Fans Open Air Frame ETH ZEC Bitcoin

6/eight GPU Mining Rig Stackable Case Rack 6 Fans Open Air Frame ETH ZEC Bitcoin submitted by ososru to Bitcoin4free [link] [comments]

A short clip of one of my server racks of 10 rigs, 4 gpu's each mining bitcoins. Been running this for almost 2 years now!

A short clip of one of my server racks of 10 rigs, 4 gpu's each mining bitcoins. Been running this for almost 2 years now! submitted by Internet151 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

18 P106-100 & 1 P104-100 Mining Rig Build

18 P106-100 & 1 P104-100 Mining Rig Build

19 GPU Build with ASUS B250 Mining Expert - 470MH/s

Its my dream to achieve and build a mining rig of this extent.
Allow me to describe this journey of mine to the GPU mining community.
Kudos to all! Feel free to ask me questions and I would love to help you out.

2017 - Bull Market - Dipped my toes into the GPU mining market. Spent nearly 3k USD, 6x GTX 1060 3GB & 2x GTX 1070ti.

Back then, my setup was really simple, An ASUS B250 Mining Expert with Pentium G4400, 8GB of RAM, 2 PSU (Coolermaster 700w as well as a V1200W PSU)
Placed this entire setup on a DIY metal shelf
Bought extra 2 GTX 1060 3GB on my Ryzen 7 1700 setup back then. Mining Monero too on Cryptonight Algo. Really profitable on these 2 rigs combined. Earning approximately 35USD per day at the peak :)
Without much experience back then, my overclocking skills sucks. I was drawing a ton of power with very little efficiency. However, at that point I was literally making few hundreds every month. It has been a really wonderful journey until bear market hits.

2018 - Nicehash Hacked, Bitconnect & Bear Market Hits...

If you still remember the dreadful hack of Nicehash. One morning I woke up seeing that my rig was no longer mining. Saw my balance turned to zero. And the moment I saw this article, my heart sanked. With over 100 USD inside my account that point, I knew I wouldnt be able to pay for my electric that month. This pulled down my confidence but quite a little.
Still remember Bitconnect? Hahahaha well entered into this ponzi scheme too. Invested 100 USD into this, got it back and donated the money.
Disconnected my entire rig... It was a pretty sad moment :\")
My house became cooler, quieter and my power usage instantly went down.
Kept 1 GTX 1070ti & 1 GTX 1060 3GB and built myself a Ryzen 7 gaming computer hehe.

My disconnection from Crypto 2018-2019

I exited this market back at the very end of the bull run and never touched Bitcoin until 2019. I began to plan my future, created an investment portfolio where I finally included Bitcoin back into my high risk asset class. The resurgence of Bitcoin mining begans :)

2019 - Sold my Ryzen 7 1700 & MB for ASUS B250 Mining Expert with 19 GPU build in mind

It all started with my small mining rig of one ZOTAC GTX 1070ti as well as an ASUS B250 Mining Expert which I was using to mine Ethereum at 33MH/s, get paid 0.05eth approximately every 2 weeks on

Purchased 2 more GTX 1070ti, bringing my total hashrate to 130MH/s.
Revamped & Redesigned into a DIY rig. Didnt wanna spend the money to find a frame hehe decided to use my mums shoe rack instead HAHAHAH
Back then, 1 GTX 1070ti resale value was approximately 230 USD here in Singapore.
Calculated hash per dollar and I notice the insane price I was paying with my 1070tis.
Sold all 4 of my GTX 1070tis and manage to trade for the following cards:
  • x4 Gigayte RX 570 8GB cards @ 70USD
  • x1 Sapphire Nitro RX 570 8GB @ 85USD
  • x5 P106-100 6GB cards @ 63USD
4 Gigabyte RX 570, 1 Sapphire RX 570, 5 P106-100 6GB
With all the skills and experience I have accumulated in 2017, I began redesigning my entire 10 GPU setup. This was the end product of my 10 GPU mining rig consisting of 5 NVIDIA P106-100 6GB cards as wel as 5 AMD RX 570 8GB cards. Working fine alongside with one another as claimed by ASUS.
  • NVIDIA P106-100 6GB: 24.8MH/s @ 85watts
  • AMD RX 570 8GB: 29MH/s @ 95watts


The dream of building 19 cards were never off my brain. Been sourcing for cheaper 2nd hand cards and snap! 56 USD per card for ZOTAC P106-100. It was insanely a great deal. Sold my 5x RX 570 8GB, use the cash and baammm!
Got 8 ZOTAC P106-100 6GB (2 not in photo) for test. PERFECT CONDITION and I cant believe the speed I was getting in Ethereum. 450MH/S for 18x P106-100 6GB

2ND DEAL OF THE MONTH - P104-100 8GB @ 70 USD

Managed to achieve 35.9MH @ 124w. Bringing my total GPU to 19.

The screen all miners with B250s love to see :)
The entire setup of my 19 GPU rig. Fan is blowing at single direction, expelling all the hot air towards my door exit. Keeping my living room relatively cool.

Underclocked my rig to 466MH for better stability and power draw. Has been running fine for 2 weeks without any manual interventions.
Bought a HP 1200w PSU. Placed a 120mm fan on top of it to keep it cool. In case if you are asking how loud is it, actually its pretty quiet. I have only used 600w, half of the capacity. Hence, under full load I am not sure how loud it will be.

All in all, my journey of a 19 GPU build. Feel free to ask me any questions :)
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Is there a mining case that has space for 2 graphics card with SLI as well as space for extension PCI-E mining graphics cards?

I would like to be able to use this rig for both gaming and bitcoin mining.
I'm thinking I'll connect two directly to the motherboard and have 2 mounted in an internal rack with an extension, is there a case/rig that supports this?
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GPU Mining Crash Course - START HERE!

Welcome All to the GPUMining Crash Course!
With the increase in prices in cryptocurrency, a lot of people are getting back into mining and a lot of people are brand new to the concept overall. So, I quickly wrote this crash course to help you understand what to expect and how to successfully mine your first cryptocurrency. This crash course isn't gonna have all of the fluff you'd see in a normal publication. This is just everything you need to know to get up and running on your first cryptocurrency mining rig.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

One of the main things about cryptocurrencies is that they are "decentralized". Sounds great, but WTF does that even mean? Well, the easiest way to explain it is...
You know how if you want to send your friend/family money digitally, you can do so through your bank. Your bank likely takes a transaction fee and in a few days they will transfer the money. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they don't have a bank or organization to fulfill the transfer of money. Instead, they outsource the computing power of their cryptocurrency network to miners (soon to be you). These miners are verifying transactions, securing the blockchain, and powering the cryptocurrency's specific network among other things. As an incentive, the miners collect transaction fees on the transactions that they verify and collect block rewards while new currency is still being introduced into the ecosystem.

What kind of rig should I build?

You can mine cryptocurrencies using your CPU, GPU, FPGA, or ASIC, but this is a GPU Mining subreddit, so I will cater this to GPUs.
For building a great all-around GPU rig, there are two models of GPUs that I'd recommend:
Both of these GPUs have solid hashrates across most mining algorithms and for a decent price! You should be able to find both of these kinds of GPUs used for around $200-$250 each, which is a great price if you know what happened during the last mining craze! ($200 GPUs were out of stock everywhere and people were reselling them for $600+ each)
There are also plenty of great AMD GPUs for mining, but I've worked mostly with Nvidia so that's why both of my recommendations are Nvidia and not AMD.
Other parts to your rig that you'll need are listed below. Most of these can be pieces of crap and are just needed to make the rig actually run, but the one spot you DON'T want to cheap out on is the power supply unit. A decent power supply unit will keep your home from burning down while also keeping your rigs up and running smoothly. Here are my recommendations:

She's built, now what?

Now you need to do a few things. I am a Windows miner, so I will be speaking to Windows here:
  1. Update Windows - Do all of the updates. Just do it.
  2. Update Drivers - Go to the EVGA website and download GeForce experience. It will keep your GPU drivers up to date.
  3. Go to Windows Device Manager and make sure all of your GPUs show up under "Display Adapters". If it is there, but it isn't showing the Name/Model of the GPU as the name, right click it and select "Update Driver". This should fix it.
Assuming you've done all of this, you're ready to download a mining application.

Mining Software

There are tons to choose from! Claymore, Phoenix, EWBF, LolMiner, etc... It can be overwhelming pretty quickly since they all have different algorithm support, speeds, efficiencies, and a whole lot more. On top of that, in order to get them running you need to set up batch files to call the proper exe, point you to the correct pool, and a whole bunch of other stuff that can be confusing to a new user. Not to mention, you will probably need a separate miner, config file, batch file, etc. for each different algorithm that you're interested in mining on.
Instead, I recommend that you download a miner management software that will take care of most of this tedious work for you. There are a few in the sidebar, but the /GPUMining favorite is AIOMiner. It was developed by our very own community member, xixspiderxix with the intention of making mining as easy as possible to do and without any fees. It supports over 100 different algorithms, so you'll be able to mine nearly ANY cryptocurrency you'd like. Just download it from their website and it will take you through a quick tutorial to help you get set up! You can also connect your rig to their website for remote monitoring and control. You've probably seen a few of their posts around this subreddit.
Other Windows mining softwares include:
Note: Many mining softwares have fees built into them. Most are around 1%, but can go as high as 5% or greater! You want a mining software with little or no fees at all so that you get to keep as much cryptocurrency as possible. These fees aren't something you actively pay, the software will automatically take it by mining on the developers behalf for a given amount of time and then switching back to mining on your own behalf. So, please be diligent in the software that you evaluate and make sure it is reputable.

I keep hearing about NiceHash. What is that?

The asshole of the mining industry. Jk, but not really.
NiceHash is a software program that allows you to sell your rig's hashing power to someone on their marketplace. They market themselves as profitable mining, but you're not really mining. You're selling your power in exchange for Bitcoin.
They did a great job telling people that with them, you're always mining the most profitable coin, but that's just not true. Since it is a mining marketplace, they make you mine whatever their most expensive contract is. If their contracts are below market prices, then you're not operating as efficiently and profitably as you could be.
NiceHash also has a sketchy history, which continues to this day. In 2017, they were hacked and lost $65M worth of Bitcoin. No one got paid out for MONTHS and many of their executives conveniently resigned. Their platform is also used to destroy cryptocurrencies. Since people are able to purchase mining power on their platform, people have used their platform to purchase enough mining power to control individual cryptocurrencies and duplicate coins, which increased the malicious user's wealth while completely destroying the integrity of the coin's blockchain. HoriZEN (formerly ZenCash), Ethereum Classic, and many other great cryptocurrencies have been the victim of NiceHash's platform.
For this and many other reasons, we highly recommend that you stay AWAY from Nicehash. We understand that it is extremely easy to use and you get paid in bitcoin, but they are destroying the industry with their greed and lack of motivation to change their platform for the protection of cryptocurrencies.

Concluding Thoughts

This is pretty much everything you need to know to get started. We covered the hardware, setting up the software, which software to use, and AIOMiner's tutorial will get you up to speed on how to actually mine the cryptocurrency that you want better than I can explain it, so I'll leave that part to them.
If you have any questions on this crash course, please leave a comment below where myself and other community members will be able to help you out.
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Electroneum Blockchain Upgrade FAQ

Q: What is a Moderated Blockchain?
A: Electroneum’s new Moderated Blockchain (a type of permissioned blockchain that is at the qualitative level of IBM’s Hyperledger or Facebook’s announced Libra open ledger network) that has been uniquely and cleverly developed to provide Electroneum with a minimal but sufficient level of interference. This will allow the highly skilled engineering staff to supervise the distributed ledger which is maintained by a list of trusted validators. And this allows the tech team to detect anomalies or irregularities that could come from hackers attempting to breach our security, and immediately stop them preventing a double-spend or 51% attack. Because Electroneum controls the list of trusted validators, this empowers them to guarantee, and that is similar to IBM’s hyper ledger or that of Facebook’s Libra blockchain.
Q: Why did you move to a Moderated Blockchain?
A: To improve the functionality of Electroneum at the exchanges, allowing them to confirm deposit transactions faster and to protect the network from 51% attacks, and also Electroneum can decide to where the block rewards are rerouted ensuring that they are used to help improve the lives of the poorer in underdeveloped countries.
Q: What is the role of blockchain in a permissioned network?
A: It is essentially an immutable history of financial transactions. Electroneum’s Moderated Blockchain, which is a type of permissioned blockchain, unlike other decentralised cryptocurrency networks, can guarantee a tamper-proof system of transactional records.
Q: What motivation would someone have to trade on a permissioned blockchain when their transaction could get rolled back, or worse still, never get confirmed?
A: With Electroneum’s new Moderated Blockchain reorganisations can still occur but never will an irregular transaction actually be fully confirmed and then overwritten.
Q: Is there any risk of manipulation with a moderated blockchain?
A: There is a risk of manipulation if an authenticator key is leaked. However, the extent would be negligible and therefore not affect users, exchanges or miners. We developed a system to closely monitor the behaviour of both the network and miners to ensure any foul play is immediately crushed.
Q: How is Electroneum’s Moderated Blockchain different to other decentralised blockchains?
A: We have the authority to decide who mines the blocks and therefore, we can increase the likelihood that they are trusted validators.
Q: Why doesn’t Electroneum move to a fully centralised blockchain?
A: Our unique and cleverly created Moderated Blockchain is meant to have minimal interference to remove the risks and add protection whilst remaining decentralised to the point wherein the unlikely event that a meteor was to wipe out all of the Electroneum staff out of the face of the Earth by a meteor, ETN would not cease to exist. This because those nodes currently mining our blockchain or anybody else for that fact could swap out the codes and fork the network to take over control and guarantee the permanence of the cryptocurrency thus shielding our users from losses.
Q: What is Proof of Responsibility or PoR?
A: Proof of Responsibility, or PoR for short, is a new mining paradigm which obligates the miners to two primary responsibilities which are: 1) Maintain the integrity of the payment network, and 2) Spend the block rewards they receive responsibly to help poor people in line with Electroneum’s humanitarian agenda.
Q: How does PoR compare to PoW or Proof of Work?
A: PoR saves a lot of time and energy compared to PoW because instead of working with block validators overtime to prove or not that they’re reliable miners, we save time and potential adverse issues by hand-picking the miners ourselves.
Q: What is a 51% attack?
A: It is when someone takes over 50% control of the hashing power of a cryptocurrency. Hackers usually use this to benefit themselves with double spends, which is a hard loss for the exchanges as well as users in many cases.
Q: What IS an example of a 51% attack?
A: You may know 51% attacks better from both Bitcoin Cash in 2018 and Ethereum Classic in 2019, where hackers acquired more than 50 percent of the hashing power on those networks and getting away with a significant loot.
Q: What is hashing power?
A: This is the rate with which the mining rigs solve mathematical problems.
Q: Why doesn’t Electroneum require large amounts of hashing power anymore?
A: The Electroneum network difficulty automatically adjusts to maintain the target block time of two minutes. Regardless of the magnitude of the hashing power in Electroneum’s network will be kept to a two-minute target block time.
Q: Is Electroneum now insusceptible to a 51% attack?
A: We’re no longer susceptible to a 51% attack – making us one of the most secure blockchains in existence today.
Q: What if someone hack one authenticated miner?
A: In the unlikely event that hackers were to succeed in breaching the security of an authenticated miner, the authentication key of that miner would not be accessible to the hacker in itself because of the unique way our blockchain team has come up to shield it from being discovered. The hacker, therefore, would not be able to affect the network because they would be unable to mine sequential blocks. And because of the uniqueness of the Moderated Blockchain, our moderating network layer would immediately detect the breach and rescind the rights of that miner.
Q: What if two or more hacks?
A: If one hack is highly unlikely due to two security breaches being necessary, two hacks are exponentially harder to achieve. But if it were to happen, the keys they may have stolen limit the hash rate of the miner. This means that if somebody were to take the code and run it on the highest-powered mining machine, it would still produce the same hash rate as it would in the lowest powered mining rig making it impossible for them to control over 50% of the network’s hash rate because of the way our Moderated Blockchain is set up. This also ensures the NGOs can run an Electroneum mining node on hardware with which their tech teams are familiar.
Q: How do you judge how responsible the miners are?
A: We look at how many blocks they are mining compared to how many blocks they are expected to mine going by the hashing power allotted to them.
Q: What happens after a mining node has been shut off?
A: Simply, it stops mining and needs to be restarted and then retype or re-enter the authentication key.
Q: Who are the miners?
A: We have chosen vocational NGOs as trusted mining partners who are also trustworthy organisations. We have done due diligence to ensure they are transparent, honest, and aligned with our vision to work within the developing world. We have made sure that they also want to accompany us in our goal to expand our Gig Fair project, which is aimed at helping provide people in the poorest regions of the world with an income opportunity and the opportunity to attain skills and means to generate an income that will empower them to live better. The NGOs that we’ve selected are trusted brands that have proven track records in helping people. Cryptocurrency is at its early stages and is met with skepticism by many people and entities around the world as well as in the developing world. So, our mission is to educate these NGOs about cryptocurrency so that they can, in turn, convey the message of the benefits of crypto, particularly ETN, to people in the developing world and make them feel more confident to use crypto, which ultimately will help spur crypto’s mass adoption.
Q: Why are these NGOs anonymous (initially)?
A: Because they themselves have decided to remain anonymous over concerns of how cryptocurrency could reflect on their organisations.
Q: What do NGOs do for the project?
A: They validate the blocks and rewarded for this and take the proceeds to help people?
Q: Where are the NGO’s and Charities located?
A: For now, locations of the NGOs are being kept undisclosed for security reasons until they themselves decide they if they want to make public that information.
Q: Five million ETN or about $22,500 at the then valuation was paid out daily before. How much is being paid out now?
A: Because the block rewards have been reduced by a whopping 75% creating scarcity which is a good thing to extend longevity, currently just over 1.2 million ETN or about $5,300 is being paid out in block rewards.
Q: Can we see who is mining and how much they are mining?
A: The block rewards will still be visible on the blockchain explorer and those with sufficient technical knowledge will be able to see the different miners signing blocks with different mining keys. But Electroneum is not forcing the NGOs to reveal their identities because they are still going through a learning curve and when they understand crypto and experience the benefits first-hand, they will more than likely reveal themselves.
Q: Where are their mining rigs stored?
A: We have suggested that mining rigs be run in the cloud to ensure uptime; however, ultimately, it is up to the NGOs themselves decide where their equipment is hosted. It is essential to point out that we have reduced energy and hash rates by a millionfold as such a standard rack-mounted server that you would find in any business today is sufficient to run an Electroneum mining node.
Q: Who setup their mining rigs?
A: At this stage, all mining rigs have been set up by the Electroneum team as this is the first foray for NGOs into the cryptocurrency mining space.
Q: Who is managing their mining rigs?
A: The mining rigs are self-sufficient and need very little if any, technical support, however, a moderator layer monitors the new Moderated Blockchain to ensure the mining rigs are online and benefit the network. If we were to detect a mining rig going offline, we would inform the NGO and provide assistance where required.
Q: How will NGOs use their ETN (from mining blocks)?
A: The NGOs, initially, almost certainly convert the ETN to USD or other currencies because they have always used fiat to deliver their donations and assistance because that is what they are used to doing. Once they see the benefits and value of ETN they may start using it on the ground to amongst the people they help. We have deliberately targeted NGOs that are in regions that were we are imminent to enable airtime top-ups directly with ETN from within the Electroneum mobile app.
Q: How will this initiative affect corporate partnerships moving forward?
A: Because the network is more secure, Electroneum as a platform will be more attractive as a platform in the eyes of potential partners.
Q: How will it help to grow our on-the-ground initiatives?
A: The NGO’s we’re working with will be in the regions we’re targeting on the ground. So, this will be contributing to the eco-system, the NGO’s will be able to spend their ETN on education through the Gig Economy too.
Q: Can new NGOs apply to mine?
A: I If you know or are an NGO that focuses on vocational training and education, and that it is within the developing world, then we would love to hear from you via our community forum.
Q: How will the 75% reduction in the block reward benefit the community?
A: Reducing the block rewards means ETN ‘s expands the longevity of the coin by making ETN scarcer and thus lengthening the duration of the emission of coins.
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This Bitcoin mining rig, T-720, looks quite cyberpunk.

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How I turned $3500 into $15000 mining Cryptocurreny during the 2017 boom at 17 years old

First let's start at my first interaction with Bitcoin. Back in 2016, I was trading Minecraft accounts, you could find my story about that in one of my previous post. Long story short, a buyer had offered to buy one of my accounts for a fair amount of Bitcoin. I declined not knowing what that is and not caring.
Fast forward a little over a year, May 2017, I find out that you could actually mine cryptocurrency and profit from it. I talk to my techy uncle about it, he looks into it, decides to build a rig. This was easy for him since he had built computers before. Meanwhile summer, I am currently in New Zealand enjoying a vacation. When I come back, I look for ways to get this thing started. My uncle lives hundreds of miles away from me but luckily my mother knows someone who had mined crypto for a while. His name was CryptoNinja.
Crypto Ninja was a cool guy, he was a security analyst for a contracting firm. Knew lots about computers and programming. This was easy for him to grasp. When I met him, he had 2 rigs, one consisting of 6 1080ti's and the other with 4 1070's. If you don't know what these are, a 1080ti is or was the top of the line mining graphics card that you could get. Best of the best. Each costed about $550 at the time. 1070's market value were around $300-400 which at the time made mining extremely and easily profitable. This guy taught me how to do everything and when I say everything I mean it all. We started off with ordering the parts, He told me which parts were good for what and bad for this. We ordered from all over the place, Amazon, Newegg, and Microcenter. I gathered a list of parts, SSD, HD, GPU, CPU, MOTHERBOARD, RAM, ETC. All totaling out to about 3.5k. I had 6 1080's that I bought for around 500 each. This was the first time I've built a computer. I was a complete noob. He guided me through the process of starting with software, finding a mining pool, starting up your operating system, and taught me how to manage and maintain the mining program, hardware, and external factors. The whole process of ordering/shipping was about a week, building the computer took about 3 days, setting up programs took about a day. After that, boom. I'm running the mining program with a pool on Zcash. A pool is pretty much a group of miners collectively putting their computing force to get more results.
Meanwhile, I'm a senior in High School, bringing my macbook to school everyday to check up on the rig through Remote Desktop after every class. All of this was occuring around Sept. 2017 where BTC was going up up. And I'm talking around 10k. Boy was I racking in a ton of Zcash. Everytime after I'd rack in a good amount, I'd transfer my Zcash directly into my Bittrex account which then I traded for bitcoin and altcoins like OMG, OmiseGO, NEM, ETC. But there was this one time when I got on Bittrex at school and I saw Zcash had mysteriously went up to $400 in 10-15 minutes, the timing had never been better. Guess what I did? Sell all my Zcash yep. Made a good amount of money off of that. Every coin was going up. I continuously made successful trades because prices were going up. I felt like the man. By the time December came around, I had 10k worth of crypto in my exchange account. I know, dumb to keep it in the exchange account but hey I did it. I was the only one mining crypto at my school and people knew me for that but they didn't know how much I made, I joined the investment club. They talked about investing in crypto, what is it? is it safe? they wanted me to speak, i didn't out of fear. They all thought it was a fad. These were traditional stock trader type kids.
It was hard for them to understand the concept but by the time they wanted in it was too late. I already cashed out $12.2k. Bitcoin was like 18k at the time and I needed somewhere else to put my money. I decided to buy a whole new gaming setup. Which costed me around 2.5k and a new desk and cool random stuff for my room which costed a few hundred. I spent a lil more money than I wanted to but it was okay. then it came time to sell my mining rig, Bitcoin was falling. People were freaking out. I was out already. The prices of GPU's multiplied by 2. This was insane. I sold my gpu's on ebay for 3k and gave the rest of parts to either friends and kept RAM for myself. At the time, I was still 17. People would look at my computer and say what is that? Oh Bitcoin? That's Stupid. Welp. Not anymore words.
What am I doing now? Well I invested in some Quantum Computer Stocks, put some back into Crypto, and put some money into OG accounts which I have a whole story on on a previous reddit post. I learned a lot from this and look back smiling.
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Total noob looking for purchasing advice

Hi guys,
I just recently joined this subreddit and i've been loving it so far! It's a really nice group of people it seems. It's the perfect place for me as I have been debating about my new upgrades in my office for a while.
Currently, I have a desktop PC that's running Plex with 6 x 8 TB drives. It's my daily driver. Intel 8700K with 32GB of ram.
I also have a mining rig which has 6 1070's that are watercooled. They are currently just venting into my office and its hot AF!
I want to move those two computers into rackmount cases, as well as purchase a dedicated server for running plex through Unraid.

So this means I am looking at getting the following:
I am located in Prague, CZ & I don't know the local areas for these things, but first if you guys have recommendations on the above I would greatly appreciate it.
Maybe just even a suggestion on where to look.
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The Key Features and Benefits of MinedBlock

The explosion in the number of cryptocurrencies is a testament that cryptocurrency and its underlying asset has come to stay and will remain lucrative. Cryptocurrency mining is a major way to access and benefit from this uptrend in the space. Miners are a critical component of the blockchain ecosystem; they are the basis of the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain technology. As a reward of their efforts in validating records on the chain, via solving complex mathematical puzzles, they receive new tokens issued on the network.
The problems
Features of MinedBlock
Benefits of MinedBlock Project
A good mining solution should be transparent in every aspects of its operations especially in its financials (miner's rewards, energy usage, dividend distribution, and so on). MinedBlock provides an opportunity for everybody to leverage cryptocurrency mining as a means of generating passive income without having to go through the stress and cost of doing it on their own.
Use these links to carry out due diligence on MinedBlock:
Author's Bounty0x Username: Mexite
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[CAN-ON][H]8.3gh Ethereum Mining Farm [W]Wire Transfer

[W] BITCOIN or ETHEREUM are also acceptable.

For immediate sale! My misfortune is your good luck. Due to a recent loss of our rental location, we have to move out! As a result, we are selling one of three mining farms that we have.
The farm is currently STILL running, and you can see the live status here:
The farm runs on ETHOS, with 60 paid licenses for 60 rigs. There are a total of 351 Assorted cards, made up of GTX1070, 1060, RX570 and RX580 and 1 GTX1080ti
All the rigs are in an open air configuration, mounted on racks usually 5 on a rack, sometimes 6. There are also:
13 APC 7941 PDU's
11 Extra MSI Z270 Pro Motherboards
10 Core i3 CPU's
4 128gb SSD drives
10 DDR4 4gb ram sticks
Assorted cables
Lots of ethernet cables and gigabit ethernet switches
Synology RTAC2600 Router
Price is $150,000USD FIRM. PM me if you want the farm. We will pack it up and ship it anywhere in North America for $3500 USD FEDEX or UPS.
These rigs are custom modded to use the least amount of power, and produce the most amount of hashing.
This location also have a 5ton Air Conditioning unit, with air handler, which we can remove and ship, with an added cost of $5000 + $500 Ground Shipping UPS/Fedex. This unit is only 2 months old and cost us $8000.
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The Power Supply is dead, Long Live the Power Supply!

The Power Supply is dead, Long Live the Power Supply!
My Corsair AX760 power supply has been a real trooper, but it has finally died enough to be put to rest. I initially bought it to run a bitcoin GPU mining rig 24/7 in my basement. It faithfully powered 4 overvolted and overclocked Radeon GPUs for almost two years before I sold the parts off. However, the PSU did not come out unscathed. After about a year I was noticing the PSU was running pretty how and I just thought the fan was not moving enough air so I removed the built-in fan and replaced it with a higher CFM one that was plugged into the motherboard to run at 80% all the time. This helped for a while, but one day the system randomly turned off and when I went to check on it I smelled the magic smoke. I disassembled the system and found that the 2 modular power ports and cables going to the 2 higher powered GPUs (5760s I think??) were melted. I ripped the destroyed pci-e cables out of the PSU and grabbed some of the extras that were still in the box and plugged them into unused modular ports on the PSU. It looked like the plastic around the connectors had gotten too hot and melted, but nothing looked damaged on the PSU side (aside from the plastic being melted and broken) I tested the PSU on a spare motherboard I had sitting around and the system fired up just fine. Going back to the mining rig I tried to determine what caused the overdraw of power. The GPUs were overvolted and overclocked, but the system was only drawing about 600w total, with the CPU drawing about 20w. I dropped the voltage and clocks slightly on the GPUs that melted the connectors, but also decided to test the outlet the rig was plugged in to. Somehow the outlet was wired in reverse, with the hot side going to neutral in the outlet and vise-versa. I was not sure how the PSU was even able to operate with the outlet being wired backwards, but I fixed that and the PSU ran fine for another year until I dismantled the whole thing.

Then I got into homelabbing. I built my first whitebox server, which is still serving me well to this day (dual xeon 2670 cpus on a supermicro jbod board in a rosewill rackmount case) and used my trusty AX760 for the power source. Everything was fine until Tuesday of last week. I started getting random reboots (emails about unexpected shutdowns while at work) and decided to take a look at the system during the long labor day weekend. I cracked open the server Friday night immediately after 5 shutdowns occurred in rapid succession, even before the system fully rebooted. I should have turned the server off on Tuesday, but all of my documents are on it that I was using. Anyway, when I walked over to my rack I could immediately smell burning plastic/solder and flipped the PSU switch off. Once I pulled the system out of the rack and removed the PSU I could tell that it had melted at the modular connectors again. My system uses 2 EPS12v CPU cables and both were melted at the modular connector. Now, my server does video encoding for me and when that is running it usually draws around 500 watts, which just like my mining rig does not seem like a lot for a 760w PSU and the encoding only runs for maybe 4 hours a day most days.
Although the PSU still has 2 unmelted modular ports that I could plug new EPS12V cables into I decided it is not worth risking damage to the system now that I have (4) 8tb hard drives. Back when I initially built my server I only had a couple hundred gigs worth of files and I always planned to replaced the PSU at some point, I just let it go too long. So now, I present my new PSU, a Corsair RM1000x! I have also backordered another EPS12v cable for it so that I can finally plug my PSU into the optional power connector on my motherboard, which may be part of the reason the CPU cables overdrew and melted? I am really not sure.

I took this time to finally tidy up the cables in the server that were the way of the airflow, as well as adding a second fan to the "main" CPU which has always run 10c hotter than the other CPU. I also double-sided tapped a spare 120mm fan onto the new PSU since it does not see a 500w load as enough to turn its own fan on, but I needed extra exhaust cfm.
Poor PSU :(
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[SECRET] Illegitimate Online Sales

With the completion of various online sales courses by the marketing department of the Compound, our errant salesmen are ready to now begin their e-commerce ventures, though of a less legitimate style.
Firstly we will be tapping into Moroccan, Mauritanian and even Western Saharan electrical grids. Using illegally acquired and unmeasured electricity, we will endeavour to purchase a number of graphics cards, flaunting local tariffs and import restrictions. Using these graphics cards a high-power bitcoin mining rig will be set up, hopefully making millions per month in bitcoins which can be used to quickly pay off the rigs and expand exponentially, at least until Bitcoin crashes again and well, shit gets difficult.
The next illegal venture will be online scamming. Posing as estranged relatives, Nigerian princes, Vietnamese teenagers and even /worldpowers moderators, we will solicit "donations" to the tune of thousands of dollars. With potentially hundreds of these scams being sent out every second, the goal is to release a wide net and avoid being scam-baited, instead focusing on targeting the easiest to scam and most vulnerable and racking in the big bucks.
The "passwords division" will be set up. They will trawl online password repositories, seeking to log into other peoples accounts and purchase things to be sent to the legitimate marketing division which will then be flipped for higher prices. Genius.
Finally, a number of scams will target the current political scam in America. Based on already running Montenegrin and Bulgarian internet scams, we will publish fake news headlines and clickbait about American politics to hopefully garner clicks and then income based on this. By gaming google adsense and other networks we will hopefully rake in the big dollars. The key is to remain politically neutral, operating multiple clickbait sites targetting both left, right, alt-centre, alt-right, alt-left, ctrl-left, fascist, communist, gay, orange, retarded, fat, hitler and other demographics.
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[USA-MD][H] LGA 1155 CPUs [W] Bitcoin, Altcoins, PayPal

So today especially is a good day to buy into Bitcoin, or any other chryptocurrencies. As of writing this, BTC has fallen by over $110 since yesterday, and after this crash or correction I am betting that it only go up from here.
In celebration, I have some budget CPUs at pretty decent prices when paying with chrypto (great for your dorm mining rig :) (:


Item/pic Bitcoin/Litecoin/ETH Price PayPal G&S Price
i7 2600 $80 SHIPPED SOLD FOR BTC! $105
i5 2400 $35 $40
i5 3330S $30 $35
Three i3 2120 CPUs $15 shipped Each $17 shipped each
Basically my whole intention right now is to rack up as much chrypto, and also spread the word through /hardwareswap to try to promote the blockchain. Coinbase is a good exchange to sign up with if you are a beginner wanting to buy some bitcoin.
Additionally, I have no problem shipping 1st if you have over 30 confirmed trades.
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New to mining, just discovered this Reddit. Rig ok?

TL;DR: look at my component list, is it ok? Or did I butcher it?
So after a few years of trading through exchanges (coinbase) and making a bit of cash from latest Bitcoin surge (not much, like others I sold thinking it would tank again, but hey, it's cash I didn't have before). I decided to make jump to mining. Never really use Reddit. So never knew there were communities on here for it.
Read reviews, guides, and forums elsewhere, and came up with / bought hardware for a rig. Plan on having it up and running before New year. Just wanted to check with some experts if I did ok, or if I made some bad choices. Open to suggestions and advice. Thanks in advance!
CPU : Intel CPU BX80662G3900 Celeron G390
MoBo: Biostar Motherboard TB250-BTC 1151
Risers (6 pack to have spares and room to expand) : Mailiya 6-Pack PCIe Dual Chip PCI-E 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ 60cm USB 3.0
RAM (from what I understand 4gb will be plenty, I'm going to try my hand at Linux, but if that doesn't work out I have a win7 license I can use): Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4 2666
I also already have some other equipment I plan on utilizing, a couple push buttons for power, a power usage monitor I have had for bit, but will work for this purpose. I also have an unused 120gb SSD that should work just fine, And I managed to snag an open air frame that someone must have given to a pawn shop, I found it there and recognized what it was, even though they had it labeled as a "server rack" technically true I guess) it came complete NiB for 100$ and retails for 160$ on Amazon, I was going to use an old tower I had laying around, but figured this was worth investment, it's a: Veddha 6 GPU Minercase V3C Aluminum
Finally, the bread and butter, 3 identical GPUs, brand new (I had an option for used, but got these brand new from a few different sources): ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition, ZT-P10600B-10M, 6GB GDDR5
All in all, including things I've bought previously and are still serviceable, this set me back about $1600
The goal was to have a rig I can not only expand, but one I will be able to swap out cards into / out of to upgrade without changing much else. Like any other miner I dont expect to strike it rich, but averaging a few hundred a month after power costs would be nice. I did some research and am thinking I can get my RoI in about 6 months. Before system is up and running I plan on researching more about pools (the guide here is great!) And picking some coins to go after other than Eth. I'd appreciate any other tips. Thanks for sticking around all!
So will it work? Or did I butcher it?
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1060 build on nicehash

So this week I am planning on building my first rig. I've built a few gaming systems for my self in the past and confident with a little help from you guys I'll knock his one out of the park...... Currently I'm mining with nice hash and enjoy coming home every day to see a little more Bitcoin waiting to be claimed in the future...... Not really interested in trading on the markets much happier on the hardware aspect of it..... After a little research and a budget around $2600 American this is the list I've put together....(only thing not on it is the ssd, I have a spare 120gb from a previous build as well as some vengeance 8gb ram)....
6x. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 6G
Intel Celeron G1840 Processor
Leboo 6-Pack PCIE Riser VER 007 PCI Riser 6 PIN 1x to x16 Powered Riser Adapter Card
EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G3, 80 Plus Gold 1000W
ASRock H81 PRO BTC R2.0 LGA 1150
Electop 2 Pack 2 Pin SW PC Power Cable on/off Push Button ATX Computer Switch
P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor
I plan on building a rack system on a plactic dipped wire shelving rack I have, which will allow me to face all GPUs / fan outwards for additional cooling. My current elect. Coats are on average .074 cents so that helps
As of right now my Amazon prime membership puts this at around 2200 leaving me between 400$ any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated, thank u again!
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20x GPU miners: Sapphire 60x R9 Fury 4G; 30x RX480 8G; 30x RX480 4G

Selling parts of my mining assets. 20 miners total, 6x GPUs per miner. All miners are enclosed in 4RU 19-inch server cases for telecom racks. - 10x miners with Sapphire RX 480 Nitro and Nitro+ GPUs, 30x 8Gb with Samsung RAM, 30x with 4Gb RAM (Hynix, Elpida, Samsung). GPU BIOS patched, undervolted, been mining Ethereum. - 10x miners with Sapphire R9 Fury 4Gb GPUs. GPU BIOS patched, undervolted, been mining zCash and XMR All miners are recently cleaned and air-blown though still have some dust.
20x 6xPCIE motherboards with Celeron G1840 CPU and 4G of RAM and 16Gb SSD drives: 14x Biostar TB85 mobos, Other 6 mobos are Asrock z97x KilleH81, MSI Gaming 5/G45. TB85 sets purchased from with Ethos licenses.
R9 rigs have 2 PSUs, both are 1000W ButterflyLabs ProMiner Gold 80 PSUs. RX480 rigs have 1x 1200W ButterflyLabs ProMiner Gold 80 PSU. Each miner is equipped with 3x 120mm 150cfm fans for cooling. R9 cases are better than RX480 boxes: can fit 2 PSUs. Also 4x R9 miner cases are from Greymatter, bought at $500 each. Assembly of all miners has been performed by my hosting provider: not perfect but functional.
Bonus: 1x APC 7998 network-enabled 12.5kW rack PDU.
Pick up from the Dalles, OR (85 miles from Portland, OR). Miners are still with my hosting service provider there, hence no timestamps on pics.
Selling everything for $20k. Cash preferred but other options will be considered. Parting out will be considered if no interest for complete set.
Pics of miners:
Ethos panel:
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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Should I build a second rig, or sell off spare parts?

I recently got back into GPU mining after running a litecoin rig back in 2013 (wish I'd held onto those 76 Litecoins... or even the 2.6 bitcoins I turned them into). After try to get the old rig back up and running with a couple of older cards (a 7950 and a 5830), I ran into all kinds of driver problems and decided to build out a new rig with an existing 1000W power supply, a SSD I had laying around, my old ram sticks, and an old CPU I had for testing. About the only new things I bought were a Biostar TB85 mobo, 6x 1060 6GBs (the AORUS ones), and risers. I got it all set up on one of those three-tier racks you can buy at Fred Meyers or Wal-Mart and about 7,000 zip ties.
Currently the 1060 rig is set up on mph with nemosminer. I started with MinerGate but it's a bit too opaque for my tastes.
However after all that I'm still left with another spare 750 Watt power supply, a Gigabyte Z97X-SLI mobo, and an extra stick of 8GB DDR3 Ram. I'm trying to convince myself not to build another rig. Should I sell off these parts, or should I grab a CPU, 4 more GPUS, risers, and pop together another rig?
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Bitcoin Mining Rack Setup! Nicehash, Amd/Nvidia! How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti ... Carcasa mining ( rig Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, ) rack, BTC Update - Mining Rig Enclosure/Box Ver 2.0 - YouTube How To Build a Crypto GPU Mining Rig With $1000 or Less ...

1. Get a Bitcoin mining rig. If you want to start mining in the first place, you have to own a mining rig. Although in the beginning of the Bitcoin history, miners used ordinary domestic computers, and later graphic cards, today you will not acquire any Bitcoin with these machines (or more precisely you may gain something, but it will be a really small amount in a very long period of time). It’s like having a wine rack full of digital money makers. Source. 10. The Ghetto Money Maker! It’s hard to believe that what seems like a bunch of garbage stuck in a plastic box can be the solution to your financial problems. Source. 11. The Devil 13. The Antichrist of the Bitcoin mining universe. Source. 12. Mining Rig Extraordinaire ... A mining rig is a computer system used for mining bitcoins.The rig might be a dedicated miner where it was procured, built and operated specifically for mining or it could otherwise be a computer that fills other needs, such as performing as a gaming system, and is used to mine only on a part-time basis. USB Bitcoin mining was only profitable when Bitcoin was in its early years. If you just want bitcoins then invest in serious mining hardware or just buy bitcoins. Halong Mining. The world of crypto was in disbelief when Halong Mining, a new ASIC startup, announced their brand new Dragonmint T16. Halong claimed it to be the most powerful – and ... Shark Mining is a well-regarded company that makes some excellent pre-built mining rigs. Its Shark Mini is a compact rig that comes with four GPUs. The base model comes with AMD RX 570/580, but ...

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Bitcoin Mining Rack Setup! Nicehash, Amd/Nvidia!

Server rack of 10 rigs mining bitcoins - Duration: 1:35. Internet151 31,061 views. ... 4.2 Mh/s Litecoin / Gh/s Bitcoin Mining Rig Trips Circuit Breaker Six Gigabyte HD 7970s - Duration: 0:59. Bitcoin Mining Rack Setup! Nicehash, Amd/Nvidia! ... How to Build a 12 GPU Mining Rig ... How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti Beginners Guide - Duration: ... Just a quick update on the new mining rig box/enclosure I've just finished. A longer more in depth video will follow this one later on. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HOW MUCH - Nviddia GTX 1080 Ti - 6X GPU Mining Rig Case - Vosk reviews how to build the best cheap beginner crypto GPU mining rig in a few easy steps! Anyone can build this Duo Mining Rig for less than $1000 with no...